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Carbon Laser Peel

That’s a relatively new method of dealing with the first signs of aging and problem skin.

Fast results, no rehabilitation period

No side effects or discomfort
Rejuvenating and healing effect

Painless, bactericidal effect

What is carbon peeling?

This technique relates to laser types of peeling, but at the same time skillfully combines with
photorejuvenation and is carried out using a carbon amplifier – nanogel. In this situation, the keratinous
layer of the epithelium is removed, the skin is smoothed out, a healthy complexion is returned, age
spots are eliminated.

Carbon peeling is very delicate. Entering into interaction with the skin of the patient, he gently exfoliates
the dead layers of the epidermis and has a bactericidal effect. As a result of this type of peeling, all
metabolic processes, including lipid metabolism, are restored.

Moreover, it significantly narrows the enlarged pores and has a stimulating effect on the production of
collagen and elastin. Also, regenerative processes are launched at a deep cellular level, which leads to a
general rejuvenation of the face.

In addition, the advantages of the method include its versatility, that is, the possibility of application in
the presence of several problems. So, for example, the skin can be oily, porous (superficial problems)
and aging at the same time (the problems are deeper). Carbon peeling will immediately eliminate high
fat content and the first signs of aging.

    Photos “before and after”

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    • The presence of fine wrinkles
    • Oily skin types
    • Withering, loss of skin elasticity
    • Gray and dull complexion
    • Streamers
    • Skin defects
    • The presence of age spots, rosacea

    About the procedure

    Duration of the procedure:

    20-30 min

    Recommended Course:

    3-5 procedures


    1-2 weeks


    Narrowing of large pores
    Anti-aging effect
    Inflammatory processes are eliminated
    Age spots disappear
    Bactericidal effect
    Decreased sebum production
    The skins natural pH balance is restored
    The skin becomes smooth and matte.
    Metabolism and metabolic processes in the skin are restored

    How is the carbon peeling procedure done?

    Carbon peeling is carried out in two stages:

    1. A carbon nanogel is applied in a thin layer on the patients skin, which is designed to prepare an area for
      laser exposure, during which all dead and dead cells of the cells are exfoliated. At the same stage, the
      elimination of inflammatory processes occurs.
    2. Using laser pulses, the process of photothermolysis is performed, that is, heating the skin at a deep
      level. This stage contributes to the production of elastin and collagen, which are responsible for the
      elasticity and youth of the skin.

    The duration of the procedure is approximately twenty minutes, and the course consists of five sessions,
    given at intervals of five days.
    As such, a rehabilitation period is not required. The biggest side effect is mild redness, which goes away
    on its own within a day or two. Accordingly, the patient can continue to lead his usual lifestyle
    immediately, as the procedure ends.
    Such a peeling does not exclude the use of decorative cosmetics and makeup, but doctors recommend
    avoiding exposure to direct sunlight for two to three weeks to avoid the appearance of age spots.

    Instructions for skin care after the session:
    • The first day, the skin can be cleaned only with micellar water or soft foams;
    • Under no circumstances leave the epidermis dry – let it always be protected with a thin layer of cream;

    Sessions can be combined with mesotherapy or masks, but not with scrubbing, resurfacing and other
    types of peeling.


    Laser Carbon Peeling Prices

    Carbon Peel
    1 Procedure3 Procedures5 Procedures
    Carbon peel (face) 199 € 99 €499 €720 €
    Carbon peel (face + neck) 249 €699 €1099 €
    Carbon peel (face + neck + neckline) 299 € 169 €799 €1199 €
    Carbon peel (hands) 199 €499 €720 €
    Carbon peel (shoulders) 249 €699 €1099 €
    Carbon peel (back) 299 €799 €1199 €

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