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Permanent Makeup Removal

Poorly done permanent makeup of lips, eyelids and eyebrows leads to psychological trauma to the client and the development of behavioral complexes.

A modern and safe way to permanently get rid of permanent makeup

The procedure is carried out in comfortable conditions and does not require anesthesia.

The laser does not leave scars, burns or scars, does not come into contact with the skin

Simultaneously with the removal, the laser beam disinfects the skin, which prevents infections

What is permanent makeup removal?

This is the most effective and widespread method. Its advantages are obvious, since the laser beam easily passes through the layers of the skin to a depth of 4-5 mm, leaving the tissues intact. The thermal reaction destroys the capsules of crystallized pigment, and using a process called phagocytosis, the pigment is gradually eliminated from the body within 2-3 weeks.

How does the tattoo removal procedure go?

Before the procedure, a test session is conducted, at which the specialist determines which type of laser fits best for removing your tattoo, depending on its color, dye, and depth. Immediately after the session, the picture brightens, and after 3-5 minutes it begins to darken. Do not be scared. This is normal skin and dye reaction to laser exposure. Over time, the tattoo will lighten, and after a few more sessions will disappear completely.

    Photos BEFORE and AFTER

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    • quick effect, especially with a shallow pigment in the skin
    • no pain during the procedure
    • maintaining the structure of hairs and the upper layer of the epidermis;
    • elimination of unwanted color and shape of eyebrows
    • complete destruction of pigment capsules.

    About the procedure

    Duration of the procedure:

    depends on the amount of it


    2-3 weeks

    The effect:

    the dissolved dye is not restored


    The effect of laser processing is already visible in the first session.
    Восстановительный период после лазерного удаления татуажа минимален, вы сразу возвращаетесь к привычному образу жизни.

    Why is this technique considered safe?

    • The laser beam acts exclusively on the dye of the tattoo, which is destroyed and removed from the skin. Surrounding tissues do not heat up and are not damaged. And this is especially important when removing dye on the face. Burns, scars and pigmentation are excluded. In place of the tattoo remains a beautiful, even skin.
    • In addition, the procedure is transferred very comfortably and does not require special anesthesia.

    The healing process after the laser removal procedure

    • The skin after removal remains intact and the healing process does not cause discomfort, you just need to lubricate the removed area with any cream containing panthenol, but it happens when the pigment does not go away and the master decides to “knock” it out of the skin, “open” it until the sucrose appears, then healing passes with crusts and it is important to follow the recommendations for care.
    • Many clients always want to know the exact number of removal procedures, it is clear that you want to quickly get rid of an unsuccessful tattoo, but this is not possible to predict, since you need to understand that the laser is not a magic wand that will remove everything at once, but from how deep the pigment lies, what paints the work was done and other nuances, not one or two sessions may be required.
    • For complete removal, you will need to be patient and you will see the result


    Permanent Makeup Removal prices

    Permanent Makeup remover eyebrows
    Permanent Makeup remover eyebrows 100 - 150 €
    Permanent Makeup remover eyes 100 - 100 €
    Permanent Makeup remover lips 100 - 150 €
    Tattoo removal 15 €/cm2
    The minimum price for the procedure60 €

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