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Tattoo removal

The tattoo can be done poorly, in the wrong place, lose its former beauty, and its temper.

Fast, painless and effective.

ELOS photodestruction copes well with multi-color patterns on the skin

What is tattoo removal?

Modern cosmetology offers an effective and non-traumatic method of tattoo removal, based on the action of intense pulsed light in combination with a radio frequency – ELOS. It allows you to destroy all the dye molecules, regardless of its depth without violating the integrity of the skin. In addition, due to the selective action of this technology, trauma to neighboring tissues does not occur, and the natural pigmentation of the skin remains unchanged. Using the latest ELOS – photosystems makes it possible to process the entire surface of the tattoo, destroying the deepest layers of paint.

Due to its advantages, intense pulsed light is effective for tattoos of various colors and quality, including professionally performed work. In addition, he copes well with the removal of permanent makeup of various parts of the face – eyebrows, eyelids, lips. The ELOS procedure avoids a long rehabilitation period associated with severe skin injury when using other corrective techniques. A positive result is visible after the first procedure.

    Photos BEFORE and AFTER

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    • You’re not satisfied with the quality of the picture
    • The tattoo looks bad on the body
    • You’re not satisfied with the localization of the tattoo
    • The employer refuses your promotion due to drawings on the body
    • Tattoos are not accepted in the community or social status that the client has reached.
    • Tired of the Tattoo
    • The tattoo has lost its appeal

    About the procedure

    Duration of the procedure:

    depends on the amount of work

    The interval between the procedures:

    2 weeks minimum

    The effect:

    The dissolved dye is not restored


    Small and simple drawings can be eliminated in one session

    Tattoo removal

    Thanks to a series of pulses, light penetrates deep into the skin, and the principle of selectivity provides an effect only on those cells that contain dye. The mechanism of work is photodestruction, that is, the destruction of bonds between dye molecules. Thus, the complete safety of the remaining tissues is achieved. This is currently the fastest, safest and most effective way to remove tattoos. The number of procedures required for the complete removal of the picture depends on its quality and size, type of dye, set of colors. The rate of destruction of various dyes is not the same.

    Darker shades, as well as red, green, and blue colors bleach faster. White, yellow and light blue tattoos will require more procedures. Small and simple drawings can be eliminated in one session. After treatment, redness of the skin is possible, which disappears in a couple of days. Compared with other methods of tattoo removal, the use of intense pulsed light provides several advantages. Firstly, the skin is least injured, secondly, a positive result appears after the first procedure, and thirdly, even dyes that penetrate deep into the skin layers can be eliminated with it.

    • The number of tattoo removal procedures depends on many indicators:
    • the more intense and saturated the color of the tattoo dye, the more difficult the removal of tattoos;
    • the difficulty level of tattoo removal depends on the depth of the paint in the skin;
    • not the last role in the effectiveness of tattoo removal is played by the properties of the skin itself;
    • removing a tattoo from sensitive skin is quite difficult;
    • Depending on the size of the tattoo, a laser tattoo removal session can last up to 30 minutes.

    Before going to a specialist, you need to refrain from several actions:

    • do not take sunbaths, do not go to the solarium two weeks before the procedure;
    • if exposure to sunlight cannot be avoided, sunscreen should be applied to the skin;
    • do not take tetracycline antibiotics (tetracycline, doxycycline, minocycline, metacyclin, oxytetracycline, morphocycline) two weeks prior to visiting a specialist.
    Rehabilitation period

    Over the next few days, it is recommended to refrain from taking hot baths, visiting the baths, saunas, or swimming pools. Do not treat the skin with alcohol solutions, tinctures also for 2-3 days. Refrain from visiting the solarium and sunbathing.


    Tattoo Removal Prices

    Permanent Makeup remover eyebrows
    Permanent Makeup remover eyebrows 100 - 150 €
    Permanent Makeup remover eyes 100 - 100 €
    Permanent Makeup remover lips 100 - 150 €
    Tattoo removal 15 €/cm2
    The minimum price for the procedure60 €

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