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Milk peel

One of the most physiological and gentle methods for facial skin care.

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Suitable for all areas of the face and body


What is milk peel?

Lactic acid refers to alpha acids, it is obtained from fermented natural milk. Lactic acid is part of so many cosmetics and hygiene products. For example, it is added to intimate hygiene products – a very small amount of lactic acid in their composition promotes the healing of damaged and irritated mucous membranes, promotes tissue regeneration and natural hydration. With lactic acid, skin care products and home peels are available – they are effective and safe for self-use. Salon peels with lactic acid are performed on the basis of products with a high concentration of up to 90%. It should be noted that these peels are superficial, and will be most effective for the skin of a young woman up to forty years old. Severe defects and deep wrinkles, this procedure will not be able to eliminate.

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    • Unhealthy, dull complexion, stale skin
    • The presence of old excessive tanning, age spots on the skin, freckles.
    • The presence of facial wrinkles, with a loss of elasticity and skin tone.
    • Periodic inflammation on the skin, with acne, comedones.
    • The effects of acne scars.
    • Enlarged pores. Increased oily skin
    • Dryness and permanent peeling on the skin
    • Allergic reactions to other types of peelings

    About the procedure

    Recommended course:

    2 times per year


    The surface of the skin is leveled, structured.
    The production of collagen and elastin in the skin increases, it acquires firmness, elasticity, tone.
    The skin brightens, freckles and age spots disappear or visibly lighten.
    Skin cells are able to quickly recover and regenerate, there is a renewal of the skin, rejuvenation.
    The skin becomes moisturized, acquires a radiant healthy look.

    What are the benefits of lactic acid peeling?

    Milk peeling can be done several times a year, and there are simply no restrictions on the number of procedures to which your skin will be subjected to throughout your life. The effectiveness of the milk peeling procedure can significantly improve the appearance of the skin, increase the elasticity and degree of hydration of the dermis and epidermis.

    Lactic acid peeling is really effective when we are dealing with relatively young skin without significant cosmetic defects. In this case, we seek to increase the hydration of the dermis and epidermis, and at the same time update the cell pool and the elements of the intercellular matrix.


    Milk Peel Prices

    Chemical cleansing
    A.H.A. peel
    Face75 €
    Face +neck85 €
    Face +neck +neckline110 €
    TCA –peeling
    Face 150 €
    Face +neck165 €
    Face +neck +neckline199 €
    A.H.A – peel - before the 20 cm³150 €
    TCA – peel - before the 20 cm³180 €

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