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It’s the technique of intradermal injections of vitamins, minerals, medicines and homeopathic medicines, selected just for you.

No pain or discomfort

Immediately after the procedure, you can return to your usual lifestyle.

No seasonal restrictions

What is electroporation?

Electroporation of the scalp allows you to affect all layers of the skin and start the process of hair restoration.
The electroporation procedure involves the introduction of drugs into the skin under the influence of low-intensity pulse current. Thus, the use of any syringes is excluded.

Due to electrical impulses, additional channels open on the surface of the skin. As a result of this, nutrients have the opportunity to bypass the epidermal barrier, since the permeability of the cell membrane increases 400 times! This is what contributes to the full penetration of all essential drugs. The reorientation of phospholipids leads to the formation of additional membrane tubules, the diameter of which is comparable to the diameter of low molecular weight substances.
The main advantage of this method is that all active substances enter the skin directly, without damaging it. They can be delivered to any layer of the epidermis without causing discomfort to the patient.

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    • Age-related skin changes
    • Facial wrinkles
    • Dry, dehydrated skin
    • Oily, porous skin
    • Stretch marks and atrophic, hypertrophic, keloid scars
    • Rosacea, rosacea, telangiectasia
    • Acne, Post Acne
    • Alopecia, seborrhea. dandruff
    • Preparation for rehabilitation after surgery, chemical, mechanical peeling, laser resurfacing of the skin

    About the procedure

    Duration of the procedure:

    About 20 – 35 minutes

    Recommended Course:

    5 – 10 procedures


    Once a week


    Increased tissue regeneration
    Accelerated hair growth
    Hair loss reduction
    Normalized circulation of the scalp
    Strengthening of follicles

    Side effects of electroporation

    The procedure normally should not leave any bruising or redness. Treatment with electroporation is almost painless. In the case of a salon procedure on a powerful device, the intensity of the generated pulses can be controlled and, therefore, pain can be controlled. A high level of electric current causes serious skin damage: discomfort, redness and even burns.
    Electroporation for hair is as follows. First, a specialist applies a nutrient mixture to the treated surface (its composition is selected individually). After that, the device is turned on, by which electroporation is carried out. As a result, strengthening and therapeutic preparations are quickly delivered to the hair follicles, such as:

    • Vitamins and minerals
    • Drugs affecting the hair follicle
    • Cell activators
    • Preparations for the normalization of blood and lymph flow
    • Moisturizers, etc


    Electroporation Prices

    Trichology - Hair and scalp treatment
    Consultation of trichology’s50 €
    Computer hair diagnostics 45 min45 €
    1 Procedure5 Procedures10 Procedures
    Mesotherapy of hair 1 ampoule75 €335 €630 €
    Mesotherapy hair 2 ampoules115 €505 €970 €
    Dermapen/Fractional mesotherapy75 €335 €630 €
    Gas-liquid peeling75 €335 €630 €
    Photochromotherapy55 €245 €440 €
    Darsonval35 €145 €250 €
    Blue lamp35 €145 €250 €

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