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Mesotherapy – Hair Treatment

It’s the method when various substances that enhance hair growth are injected into the skin of the scalp by injections.

What is it?

What is mesotherapy for hair treatment? This is a method in which various substances that enhance hair growth are injected into the skin of the scalp by injection. The advantage of the technique is without an operating technique, the absence of pain, a high degree of effectiveness.
Mesotherapy for hair loss is suitable for almost all types (oily, dry, normal) and solves a wide range of problems, but does not have a positive effect on dead follicles and atrophied bulbs.
Mesotherapy for hair growth is different, and depends on the problem that needs to be solved. As a rule, the composition of a cocktail changes, depending on which mesotherapy can be oxygenic, multicomponent, microelement, homeopathic, and so on. Most often, cocktails include substances that are useful and necessary for hair growth, such as zinc, selenium, copper, magnesium, hyaluronic acid, vitamins (groups B, C, A, E and others), fatty acids, amino acids, enzymes.

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    • Hair loss and varying degrees of baldness due to hormonal imbalance
    • Dry and brittle
    • Split ends
    • Seborrhea, dandruff and itching in the scalp
    • Damage to hair growth caused by reasons of ultraviolet irradiation, taking medication, dieting, dyeing, perming and discoloration
    • Focal baldness (ringworm)
    • Change in the structure and amount of hair after childbirth
    • Gray hair
    • The period of preparation of the scalp for transplantation

    About the procedure

    Duration of the procedure:

    15-45 min

    Recommended Course:

    5-10 procedures


    Once a week

    The effect:

    After 3-6 procedures


    No more hair loss
    Improved blood supply and oxygen access to follicles
    Normalized sebum secretion
    Their growth is stimulated
    Cleansed scalp
    Dandruff disappears

    The Procedure’s Technology

    The preliminary stage of the treatment course should be the consultation of a trichologist or cosmetologist, who will clarify the cause of the problem and recommend a drug for injection. Currently, there are 5 types of therapeutic mixes: some are aimed at improving the tone of the vessels of the head, others stimulate the hair follicles, others relieve inflammation and saturate the skin with vitamins, minerals.
    Procedure’s Technique
    As a result, hair growth is normalized, its structure and appearance are improved, sebum secretion is normalized, and dandruff disappears without a trace. Hair mesotherapy has a long-term effect and often helps to cope with such difficult problems as baldness, and even stops the appearance of gray hair.
    Usually, mesotherapy of hair is carried out not only where the hair grows, but also in the neck area, because due to problems in the cervical region, the hair is supplied with oxygen and blood supply. When conducting hair mesotherapy, thin needles are used, and a therapeutic cocktail is introduced to a depth of not more than 2-4 mm. Due to this, hair mesotherapy is almost painless.
    What are the benefits of mesotherapy and homeopathic medicines?

    1. The effect after a course of mesotherapy lasts 6-18 months.
    2. The main mesotherapeutic principle is less, but in the right place:

    • few – small and ultra-small doses of drugs are used;
    • rarely – intervals between sessions from 1 week to several months;
    • to the right place – directly to the problem (wrinkle, skin that has lost its tone).

    3. Special disposable syringes provide an opportunity to make injections quickly, without pain to a certain depth, which ensures a uniform flow of drugs.
    4. The mesotherapy procedure practically leaves no traces, does not require rehabilitation
    5. Mesotherapy has no age restrictions.
    6. Microcapsules allow you to transport the necessary medicinal substances directly to the dermis of the problem area, bypassing the epidermal layer of the skin, which cannot be achieved with conventional creams, ointments, gels, etc.
    7. Homeopathic medicines are powerful and fast-acting medicines. They have no contraindications and side effects, do not give allergic reactions.
    8. Homeopathic medicines help the body to cope with skin problems.


    Mesotherapy – hair treatment Prices

    Trichology - Hair and scalp treatment
    Consultation of trichology’s50 €
    Computer hair diagnostics 45 min45 €
    1 Procedure5 Procedures10 Procedures
    Mesotherapy of hair 1 ampoule75 €335 €630 €
    Mesotherapy hair 2 ampoules115 €505 €970 €
    Dermapen/Fractional mesotherapy75 €335 €630 €
    Gas-liquid peeling75 €335 €630 €
    Photochromotherapy55 €245 €440 €
    Darsonval35 €145 €250 €
    Blue lamp35 €145 €250 €

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