Micro-video diagnostics, or computer diagnostics of skin and hair, is a method to which there are practically no equal when revealing deviations in their condition. This hair analysis is much more effective than a visual examination, because it allows the doctor to see the damaged area with a 150-fold increase.

In this case, there is practically no doubt about the causes of dandruff, alopecia, and other common trichological problems. Using a microscope and a video camera connected to a computer, the doctor sees the causes of the patient having unpleasant symptoms and can immediately identify effective ways to eliminate them.

Timely diagnosis of hair is very important in case of excessive hair loss. The trichologist necessarily checks the number of empty follicles. In addition, micro-video diagnostics allows you to quickly determine the stage of development of the hair. Based on the totality of the data obtained, the doctor determines the degree of spread of the disease and, if it is not too neglected, prescribes a treatment that will really help stop alopecia.
It is easy with the help of computer diagnostics of hair and identify the cause of their fragility: for this you need to examine the bulbs and hair rods in different areas of the head.
Every year, more and more common cause of scalp diseases are frequent stresses – these are the costs of the modern rhythm of life. Micro-video diagnostics clearly shows the effects of stress: the roots narrow, and the more such affected areas on the person’s head, the longer the body suffers.
In some cases, the patient is even given the recommendation to visit a psychologist: otherwise, processes that negatively affect the health of the scalp simply cannot be stopped. In addition, stress reduces the absorption of vitamin B, which is necessary to maintain pigmentation. That is why this factor often leads not only to fragility, thinning and hair loss, but also to premature graying.

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