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Fractional mesotherapy

Fractional mesotherapy is a method of hardware cosmetology, which is the infusion of cosmetic solutions under the skin via microinjections.

Fast period of regeneration and restoration of the skin

No long rehabilitation period
The fast and significant effect, which can be seen immediately after the procedure

What is fractional mesotherapy?

Fractional mesotherapy is a method of hardware cosmetology that fundamentally differs from classical mesotherapy – microinjections of drugs are carried out in strictly defined places, penetrating into the deep layers of the skin.

Areas for injections are picked according to existing problems – these may be areas of hyperpigmentation, ptosis, deep wrinkles, and so on.

Just a few mesotherapy sessions for problematic areas can significantly improve the outlook of the face and body in a short period of time. In this case, the selected areas of the skin get rejuvenated for the depth of penetration of the injections is 0.5 mm. As a result, we achieve the acceleration of cellular regeneration, stimulation of neocollagenesis and elastin production.

It has been shown that after 1-2 procedures, a tangible effect occurs, which gets stronger with time. Full cell regeneration happens after 5-6 sessions, due to which you get the visible effect of lifting, rejuvenation and correction of other cosmetic defects.

    Photos “before and after”

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    • The presence of facial wrinkles
    • Age-related ptosis of facial tissues
    • Presence of acne
    • Sallow, dull complexion
    • The presence of age spots
    • Alopecia
    • Oily skin and enlarged pores

    About the procedure

    Duration of the procedure:

    30-60 min

    Recommended course:

    3-10 procedures


    The normalized excretory function of the skin.
    The appearance and structure of the skin is restored, as well as the tone
    Small facial wrinkles are smoothed out. Deep wrinkles are reduced.
    Reduced severity of striae and scars of various types
    Eliminated effects of acne and post-acne
    Pigment spots lose their color due to the discoloration of melanin
    Venous networks and spider veins disappear. Vascular walls strengthen.

    Fractional mesotherapy

    • For this procedure, there are several types of devices, which are a kind of revolutionary breakthrough in the world of hardware cosmetology. Their use allows not only to control the dose and size of the fractional damaged area, but also significantly accelerate the production of collagen and elastin fibers.
    • Special nozzles consist of a bunch of needles of special sharp forms, the surface of which is covered with nanosilver, which helps to prevent inflammation at the injection site and the rapid abrasion of needles.
    • This delicate and high-tech technique of microinjection, as well as the high speed upon impact make injections painless and reduce the side effect in the form of irritation


    Fractional mesotherapy prices

    Dermapen/Fractional mesotherapy
    1 Procedure 3 Procedures5 Procedures10 Procedures
    Face95 €255 €415 €790 €
    Face + neck110 €297 €475 €870 €
    Face + neck + neckline120 €324 €520 €980 €
    belly150 €405 €645 €1100 €
    Buttocks150 €405 €645 €1100 €
    Inner thigh170 €459 €735 €1350 €
    Hair75 €210 €335 €630 €

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