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Thermage is a patented non-surgical lifting technique that delivers exceptional results.

Long-term results

Effects deep skin layers

The effect is visible immediately after the first procedure.

Increasing lifting effect within 6 months after the procedure

What is thermage?

The technology of the Thermage procedure is:

  • Unipolar RF radiation with capacitive coupling.
  • Non-invasive therapy without tissue removal.

The procedure is recommended for non-invasive removal of wrinkles, with a noticeable effect after thermage. During the Thermage procedure, the price of which is relatively low, volumetric heating of the skin and subcutaneous tissue is carried out with simultaneous cooling and preservation of the epidermis. ThermaCool is designed for non-invasive skin lifting by strengthening collagen fibers and stimulating neocollagenesis in the dermis and hypodermis in just one procedure. The rejuvenation procedure on ThermaCool is called Thermage. Thermage gives you:

  • visible tissue lifting after one procedure, clearly visible on before and after thermage photos
  • stimulation of the active production of collagen in the dermis and connective tissue fibers of the hypodermis
  • increasing lifting effect for 6 months after the procedure

    Photos AFTER and BEFORE

    Click to view photo
    Click to view photo
    Click to view photo

    Thermage for eyes:

    • Wrinkles
    • Sagging skin

    Thermage for face:

    • Tissue omission – ptosis
    • Withering
    • Sagging
    • Distorted facial form

    Body Thermage:

    • Stretched Abdomen
    • Sagging skin
    • Sagging skin
    • Hanging upper abdomen on the umbilical zone
    • Cellulite

    About the procedure

    Duration of the procedure:

    no more than 35 minutes

    Recommended Course:

    8-20 sessions. To maintain the result – 1 session per month


    The recommended break between sessions – 2-3 days

    The effect:

    Almost immediately after the first session


    Visible lifting effect
    More dense skin and muscle tissue.
    Restored body contours, improved posture
    Smooth and toned skin.
    Stimulated formation of new collagen fibers
    Improved general physical condition, increased vitality


    The Thermage procedure is performed on the face and body. Thermage of the face. Thermage of the face strengthens, smoothes and tightens the skin; allows rejuvenation of the entire face and neck (forehead, nasolabial folds, cheekbones and cheeks, the area around the mouth, “second chin”). Reviews about the thermage of the face in patients are the most favorable.
    “Thermage” eyes. Periorbital region: correction of wrinkles in the area of the external corner of the eye (crow’s feet), lifting of the upper and lower eyelids (including bags under the eyes), skin strengthening. Thermage prices of this type are the most affordable. “Thermage” body. Effective lifting of the skin of the abdomen after pregnancy, liposuction, with severe weight loss and age-related changes. Active lifting effect on traditionally problem areas: the inner surface of the shoulder and forearm, the buttocks, the inner thighs, knees. Additional effect: volume reduction from 1 to 3 cm as a result of tissue lifting. Reducing the visible manifestations of cellulite, which can be seen in the thermage photo “before and after”. For the procedure, only Thermage nozzles with an improved cooling system are being used, which makes the procedure less painful and allows the use of higher energy, which gives the most pronounced lifting effect. Nozzles are in sterile packaging, they are disposable; the validity period of each of them is several hours after activation. After preparing the client for the face thermal procedure, the first two anti-aging facial passes are made, after which attention is paid to the main problem areas. Then, three-dimensional modeling of the skin is carried out according to the tension vectors, which are determined individually for each patient and form the final lifting effect. There is a special nozzle for the upper eyelid.

    • The result of the procedure lasts for about five years. Over the course of six months, the effect increases, which is also seen in reviews of thermage.
    • The “Thermage” procedure is carried out on all skin types.

    There is no recovery period: the patient can immediately return to their usual way of life, without splitting it into periods ‘before and after‘ thermage.


    Thermage prices

    Thermage - Face 299 € 189 €
    Thermage - Face + Neck349 €
    Thermage - Face + Neck + Neckline 450 € 289 €
    Thermage - Eyes 119 €
    Thermage - Neck 139 €
    Thermage - Neckline 159 €
    When buying more than 2 procedures, a discount on the course - 15%
    Thermage - Belly 240 €
    Thermage - Sides 280 €
    Thermage - Hands 280 €
    Thermage - Knees 280 €
    Thermage - Back 320 €
    Thermage - Hips 280 €
    Thermage - Buttocks 280 €

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