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Treatment of age spots

The appearance of age spots on the skin is associated with excessive production of melanin in it. This is a dark pigment produced by skin cells – melanocytes, which determines the color of the hair, eyes and skin of a person.

It is painless, you will feel only a weak, barely perceptible burning sensation

Safely. It does not leave behind itself scars and other adverse effects.
The fastest, most effective and safest method to remove darkened areas of the skin, without undesirable consequences

What is the removal of age spots?

The procedure for treating age spots is carried out in a beauty room in the Lux-Medicus beauty clinic in Tallinn, its duration depends on the area of ​​the treated surface and the depth of pigmentation, on average it takes from 5 to 60 minutes. There’s a mandatory free consultation in the Lux-Medicus Beauty Clinic. During the procedure, removal of pigmentation requires eye protection with dark glasses. The exposure area is treated with a special gel. The procedure for treating pigmentation is painless, you will only feel a weak, barely perceptible burning sensation. Depending on the degree of the problem, you will need to go from 2 to 6 sessions with an interval of at least 10-15 days. After the session, the spot disappears within a week, that is, for complete disposal of age spots you will need no more than three months.

    Photos AFTER and BEFORE

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    • freckles
    • Senile spots
    • pigmented scars
    • Spots after sunburn
    • Epidermal moles
    • pigmentation due to trauma
    • Seborrheic keratosis


    The laser has high accuracy, which eliminates any damage to surrounding tissues.
    The skin will be even and smooth without age spots and traces of them

    Causes Of Pigmentation

    To understand the technology of treating age spots, you need to understand the causes of their appearance. At its core, a pigment spot is an excessive accumulation of melanin pigment in the skin. The concentration of pigment in certain areas of the skin occurs for various reasons: metabolic disorders, hypovitaminosis, the use of certain medications, improperly selected cosmetics, etc. Very often this phenomenon accompanies pregnancy.

    Recommendations after treatment for pigmentation:

    • try to exclude possible skin injuries in the treatment area,
    • do not visit the tanning bed for 2 weeks after the treatment,
    • do not allow direct exposure to the sun on cultivated areas,
    • use a sunscreen with a protective factor of at least 15.

    Remember that pigmentation occurs under the influence of ultraviolet radiation on the skin, this is due to all the recommendations and limitations after undergoing treatment for pigmentation.


    Treatment of age spots prices

    Removal of pigment spots
    Pigmentation (face) 120 €
    Pigmentation (cheeks) 95 €
    Pigmentation (forehead) 95 €
    Pigmentation (neck) 95 €
    Age spots (nose) 75 €
    Pigmentation (hands) up to 5cm³ 110 €
    Pigmentation (belly) 150 €
    Pigmentation (legs) up to 10cm³ 170 €
    Pigmentation (single area) 75 €

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