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CelluMed 3

A hardware method of body care based on the use of ultrasound

After only 1 course, it is really possible to lose weight by 2 sizes

Quickness of the procedure ( one zone takes 10 -20 minutes)

One procedure replaces 2 workouts in the gym

Does not leave bruises and is completely painless. 100% painless

A surge of strength and energy after each session

Can be used for varicose veins

What is this?

Massage on CelluMed 3 is a step-by-step mechanical elaboration of problem areas with a sinusoidal wave effect on the body.

The device allows for a phased elaboration of problem areas. Each maniple is located at a certain angle to the skin and has a thorough shock-vibration and wave effect on each part of the body. The advantages of this device are that due to the absence of an aggressive vacuum, this procedure has fewer contraindications than LPG massage, as well as painlessness and the ability to reduce body weight and volume after the first session.

In the maniple, 12 stars with 192 spikes are located at a certain angle to the skin and have a shock-oscillatory and wave effect on every part of the body!

    Photos BEFORE and AFTER

    Click to view photo
    Click to view photo
    Click to view photo
    • Reduction of fat deposits on the skin
    • Increased muscle tone in individual areas of the body
    • Anti-age skin changes
    • The quality of the skin improves, it becomes smooth, inflammation disappears, as well as signs of cellulite
    • Disappears pain in the muscles, which was present after physical exertion
    • There is a special detox effect, due to which metabolic processes are activated
    • Allows you to even out the relief of the skin, smooth out scars, eliminate flabbiness, cellulite and sagging

    About the procedure


    Duration of the procedure:

    40 min

    Recommended course:

    5-10 sessions


    1-2 times a week

    The effect comes:

    the result after the first session

    NO cellulite
    Skin lifting effect
    Promote the production of your own collagen and elastin
    NO edema
    Improvement of lymph flow
    Figure correction
    General improvement of the body condition
    The procedure is absolutely painless


    CelluMed 3 prices

    CellMed 3
    1 time5 times10 times
    CellMed 359 €265 €490 €

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