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LPG Massage

A progressive and effective technique that allows you to return the skin and subcutaneous layers to their original (healthy) state without pain and without harm to health) condition.

Quick way to remove cellulite and fat deposits

 Eliminates cellulite and stretch marks

 Models a shape

Restores skin tone and elasticity


LPG massage is an effective and safe method of hardware modeling of the body. The procedure is aimed at reducing body volume, eliminating signs of cellulite, stretch marks and puffiness, increasing skin tone and elasticity and creating an ideal body contour. The LPG massage procedure is usually based on vacuum-roller technology.  The chain of salons A Priori presents a new generation of equipment that affects the body not only with the help of vacuum and roller massage, but also by means of infrared and RF radiation.In addition, our equipment ensures maximum safety during the session and allows you to massage without a special protective suit. This increases the effectiveness of the procedure and reduces the required number of sessions. For maximum effect, it is recommended to take a course of 8-20 sessions. In our salons, there are favorable prices when purchasing a subscription for LPG massage.

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    • Local fat deposits
    • Cellulite
    • Deterioration of skin tone, elasticity and color
    • Stretch marks (striae), acne scars, atrophic scars resulting from healing of injuries
    • Puffiness of the skin
    • Posture defects
    • General depression, bad mood

    About the procedure

    Duration of the procedure:

    no more than 35 minutes

    Recommended course:

    8-20 sessions. To maintain the result – 1 session per month


    the recommended break between sessions is 2-3 days

    The effect comes:

    after the first session and is most apparent a week after the end of the course


    Reducing the volume of problem areas by destroying local fat deposits and removing excess fluid
    Smoothing the skin relief, eliminating the effects of cellulite, scars and stretch marks
    Restoration of body contours, improvement of posture
    Elimination of facial swelling
    To increase the elasticity of the skin, improving its tone, restore natural color
    Improvement of General physical condition, increase of vital tone

    The abbreviation LPG has long been a household name, primarily in the minds of customers. This name is used to refer to any type of vacuum roller massage procedures

    LPG massage techniques

    • The procedure is recommended to take a course of 8 to 20 sessions. One session of LPG massage lasts no more than 35 minutes. The number, intensity and time of procedures are determined by our cosmetologists, based on the desired results and individual characteristics.
    • During the procedure, the cosmetologist affects the problem areas with the maniple of a specialized device. The effect is carried out directly on the patient’s skin, without using a special suit.
    • During the session, three technologies are simultaneously used: RF-lifting, infrared radiation and vacuum-roller massage.
    • Radiofrequency (RF) radiation increases the temperature of the subcutaneous fat layer of the treated areas, activating metabolic processes, speeding up the removal of decay products naturally through the body’s lymphatic drainage system.
    • Infrared radiation helps to align the skin, increases the supply of oxygen to the tissues.
      • The technique of hardware massage itself is based on mechanical action. The maniple of the device has a vacuum chamber. When it comes into contact with the body, there is a rarefaction of air in it, which slightly lifts the layers of skin to the mechanical rollers. Rotating in different directions, the rollers create 4 types of impact on the tissue:
      1. rocking – to reduce the volume of certain areas of the body;
      2. twisting – to get rid of the effects of cellulite;
      3. sliding – to align and restore the contours of the face and figure;
      4. sanding – to increase skin tone, return it to a healthy appearance and natural color.


    LPG Massge prices

    1 Procedure5 Procedures7 Procedures10 Procedures
    LPG-massage (face)21 €85 €92 €110 €
    LPG-massage (body)35 €149 €208 €297 € 275 €

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