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A physiotherapy procedure that aims to put pressure on certain muscle groups and correct the contours of the body.

Quick way to remove cellulite and fat deposits

No unpleasant sensations during the procedure

Immediately after the procedure, you can return to your usual life

What is myostimulation?

Myostimulation of the body is a physiotherapy procedure that aims to put pressure on certain muscle groups and correct the contours of the body. Initially, myostimulation was used for weakened and paralyzed patients to prevent muscle atrophy.

Then the method began to be used by cosmonauts, whose muscles weaken and lose mass from a long stay in weightlessness.Now you can perform the procedure in almost any salon. Women usually visit to correct problem areas and lose weight. For men, the volume of certain muscle groups and overall body fitness are more important.

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    • Sagging of muscles and skin
    • Elimination of puffiness
    • Improving vascular tone and skin nutrition
    • Cellulite
    • Reduction of fat folds
    • Overweight
    • “Tired legs” syndrome
    • Violations of peripheral venous and arterial blood circulation, venous-lymphatic insufficiency
    • Seasonal mood decline

    About procedure

    Duration of the procedure:

    30 to 60 minutes

    Recommended course:

    5-15 procedures


    1 session in 2-3 days


    Develop muscle groups that are difficult to work out with the help of physical exercises
    Elimination of soft tissue edema
    Activation of blood supply and lymph outflow
    Improving the functional state of the nervous and endocrine systems, and hormonal background
    Improving the condition, appearance and tone of the skin
    Muscle strengthening and recovery
    Normalization of metabolism
    The volume and number of fat cells in the stimulated area decreases

    How does the procedure work?

    Before the procedure, it is advisable to take a shower to wash off cosmetics and sebum from the skin. A special transparent gel is applied to fat-free skin, which facilitates the passage of an electric pulse from the electrode through the skin to the muscle. Instead of gel, ampoule concentrates can be used, their active components are directionally moved by an electric current to the deep layers of the skin and accumulate there.

    Then these substances from the depot for a long time enter the dermis, where they activate the processes of skin rejuvenation and improvement of its structure. The electrodes are placed on the skin so that the antagonist muscles contract alternately. Electrodes on the skin are fixed with elastic belts.

    After the electrodes are applied, the doctor turns on the myostimulator and sets the previously selected procedure mode. The intensity of the pulses is selected taking into account whether the strength of the muscle contractions is sufficient, whether it hurts when the pulse is applied to the skin. The intensity of muscle contractions should be sufficient for the body to receive plenty load for the procedure, otherwise the results of sessions will be weak.

    The device is switched off, the electrodes are removed. The gel is washed off the skin with water or wiped with a cloth. Additionally, a special cream can be applied to the skin.


    Myostimulation prices

    1 Procedure5 Procedures10 Procedures
    Myostimulation (30 min)35 €145 €240 €
    Myostimulation (60 min)55 €225 €390 €

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