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Acne treatment

A modern and very popular way to deal with hated acne.

Remote. The laser beam from a special tip acts on the skin gently, at a distance. At the same time, maximum sterility is maintained.

Safety. During the procedure, the laser acts only on small areas affected by acne, and directly on the acne itself.

In addition to getting rid of existing acne, the laser will save you from post-acne, scars, enlarged pores and other unpleasant consequences.

The guarantee of a long-lasting result. After completing the necessary course of laser facial cleansing from acne, you can be sure that acne in its previous form will not be there.

What is Acne Treatment?

Inflammation of the sebaceous glands (acne, rash) is the most common and annoying skin disease that occurs not only among teenagers during puberty. Chronic rashes on the skin of the face and neck, as well as on the shoulders, chest and back, worry many patients, regardless of age, becoming a source of self-doubt, and sometimes serious psychological problems.

For the treatment of acne, installations with an ultraviolet wavelength of a certain range are used. This is either ultraviolet or infrared radiation, which is directed by a light beam on acne and inflamed tissue. Due to this, the laser beam penetrates deep into the dermis precisely at the distance at which the internal cavity of the blackheads is located.

The photoluminal nature of the laser action makes it possible to have a healthy effect on all layers of the epidermis, and gradually no acne remains in the literal sense of the word from acne.

The thermal effect of the laser causes a rush of blood to the skin, due to which the harmful products of acne eruptions are carried away by the blood stream.

    Photos BEFORE and AFTER

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    • High activity of the sebaceous glands
    • Internal acne
    • Hyperpigmentation due to inflammation
    • Enlarged pores
    • Stagnant spots
    • Acne
    • Rashes of a pustular nature

    About the procedure

    Duration of the procedure:

    15-40 minutes

    Recommended Course:

    3-10 treatments


    Once 2-3 weeks

    The effect:

    Seen after 1-3 procedures


    The complete disappearance of foci of inflammation, a marked decrease in the number of rashes and acne
    The pores are narrowed, the work of the sebaceous glands is normalized
    Restored skin metabolic processes
    Fresh, smooth and clean skin
    Skin cleansed of pathogens
    The number of scars and scars is reduced
    Normalized blood circulation

    How is laser acne treatment done?

    You lie down in a comfortable pose on the couch, and our specialist acts on the skin with a laser device through a thin tube with a special tip. Outbreaks of warmth that are comfortable for you affect acne for a few seconds.

    The inflammatory process decreases, the contents of the pore begins to dissolve. The antibacterial effect of the laser is clinically proven. The natural process of tissue regeneration is also stimulated, and the production of sebum is normalized.

    Such an unpleasant consequence of inflammation, such as age spots, are also eliminated thanks to laser treatment of acne. The number of sessions for each patient is individual, depending on the degree and area of ​​the lesion, the characteristic features of acne.

    In addition, you may need a comprehensive treatment, because acne is rarely found as an independent disease. In most cases, acne is accompanied by various diseases of the internal organs.

    Additionally, cosmetologists can offer you procedures such as facial cleansing, peeling for problem skin, and the application of special treatment masks to enhance the effect.

    Side effects:

    • Redness and swelling in the treatment area are temporarily observed;
    • Temporary slight discomfort in the treated area;

    In rare cases, the appearance of blisters, scars, ulcers, discoloration of the skin.


    Acne Treatment Prices

    Acne E.L.O.S. – treatment
    1 Procedure3 Procedures5 Procedures10 Procedures
    Acne treatment (face)95 €255 €410 €780 €
    Acne treatment (neck)55 €147 €225 €390 €
    Acne treatment (face+neck)115 €310 €495 €950 €
    Acne treatment (back)135 €393 €640 €1150 €
    Acne treatment (shoulders)90 €255 €405 €740 €

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