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Ultrasonic face peeling

It’s a hardware method of facial care based on the action of ultrasonic. Cleanses the skin, provides a lifting effect.

The result lasts up to two months

The cost of the procedure is not high

The effect is visible immediately after the procedure.

Your skin will look perfectly clean.

What is ultrasonic face peeling?

The use of ultrasound allows you to effectively cleanse the skin without injuring it, completely painlessly. This procedure is possible on any type of skin, even on very sensitive skin and with manifestations of rosacea.

How is the procedure done?

Before ultrasonic cleaning, steaming the skin is not required. Make-up remover and standard skin cleansing are sufficient.

To improve the transmission of ultrasonic waves to the skin, its surface is wetted with liquid. The exposure is made by the emitter in the form of a metal “blade”. The beautician moves it smoothly over the skin. There are no unpleasant sensations during cleaning; only the touch of a metal plate on the skin is felt. Only in areas of the face where bones are very close under the skin (for example, in the zygomatic area) can vibration be felt.

    Photos BEFORE and AFTER

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    • Oily skin type
    • Dull skin color
    • Propensity to acne and acne
    • Leather with a low threshold for mechanical cleaning
    • Age-related skin changes – wrinkles, decreased elasticity, firmness
    • The appearance of sebaceous plugs

    About the procedure

    Duration of the procedure:

    40 – 60 minutes


    according to prescription

    The effect:

    visible immediately after the procedure


    The color of the skin improves, the dead layer of the epidermis is removed
    Wrinkles decrease, “crow’s feet” and dark circles under the eyes disappear
    The contour of the face improves, the tone of the skin of the face, neck, décolleté increases
    Mild lymphatic drainage improves blood flow
    Counteracts age-related keratosis – thickening and tightening of the skin
    The pores are narrowed, black and white dots disappear, comedones are removed, age spots are lightened
    Facial muscles are strengthened

    Ultrasonic face peeling

    Ultrasonic face peeling is a hardware cleansing of the skin using high-frequency ultrasonic waves. The device for the procedure is an ultrasonic emitter-scrubber. The device is adjusted to the required frequency and through microvibrations simultaneously cleanse the skin and micromassage at the cellular level. Ultrasound is not audible to the human ear, but it very effectively raises all imperfections from the pores: sebaceous plugs, small remnants of cosmetics, dust, and also removes dead cells from the surface.


    Ultrasonic face peeling prices

    Microdermabrasion face65 €
    Microdermabrasion face+neck75 €
    Microdermabrasion face+neck+neckline90 €
    Classical face treatment45 €
    Classical face treatment + Massage55 €
    Classical face treatment + Brush Peeling60 €
    Ultrasound face treatment55 €
    Classical face treatment55 €
    Vacuum face peel 55 €
    Combined face cleansing 65 €
    + Peeling (for cleaning) 20 €
    + Darsonval (for cleaning) 10 €
    Phonophoresis/iontophoresis + ampoule (Anti-Age/Moisturizing) 75 €
    Oily skin care 65 €
    ANTI-Age face treatment 75 €
    A.H.A. chemical cleansing/peeling 75 €
    TCA - cleaning / peeling 150 €
    Vitamin + treatment 65 €
    Acne face treatment 65 €
    Ultra Lifting treatment 65 €
    Face massage 35 €
    Face massage + mask 45 €
    Face massage + paraffin care 65 €
    Darsenval skin treatment 25 €

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