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RF Face Lifting

The principle of RF lifting is based on the effect of radio frequencies on the middle and lower layers of the skin, including subcutaneous fat.

The positive effect is noticeable in the first week

Tightened skin from the first sessions

Immediately after the procedure, you can return to your usual life.

Deep collagen production

What is it?

RF lifting (RF – radio frequency – radio frequencies) – a procedure for heating the skin and subcutaneous fat by passing through them a high frequency electric current, or exposure to a high frequency electric field in order to obtain the desired cosmetic effect.

There are many devices for RF lifting, manufacturers implement various RF technology options in them: different frequencies, current strength can be used, programs for automatically changing parameters during the procedure, various methods to reduce the painful sensations that occur during heating can be implemented.

But the real effect of RF lifting is achieved only by increasing the temperature in the tissues, and this procedure involves the application of controlled temperature damage to the tissues, triggering reparative processes in them. Therefore, the procedure that provides a sufficient increase in temperature at the right depth at the right time will be effective.

    Photos BEFORE and AFTER

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    • Photoaging
    • Sagging skin
    • Double chin
    • Acne Scars
    • Facial skin withering
    • Goose Feet
    • Deep forehead wrinkles

    About the procedure

    Duration of the procedure:

    15-45 minutes

    Recommended Course:

    5-10 treatments


    1 session in 2 weeks

    The effect:

    seen immediately after the first session


    Increasing skin elasticity and tone
    Tightening and improving skin texture in the abdomen, arms, knees, hips and buttocks
    Acne scars removal
    Cellulite removal and stretch marks smoothing

    RF Face Lifting

    If the skin is heated to less than 42° C, the procedure will be completely safe, but the result will be comparable to the effect of applying a heating pad.

    When exposed to a temperature of 43-44 ° C, denaturation changes begin to occur in the proteins, ensuring the achievement of the result. The safe time during which this temperature can be maintained in the tissue without the risk of burns is measured in minutes.

    Warming up to 45-50 ° C provides a pronounced effect, but the exposure time at such temperatures should already be measured in seconds. So, for example, warming a tissue site to 50 should not last longer than 20 seconds during one procedure.

    The maximum effect is achieved when the temperature in the tissues exceeds 50 ° C. Such temperatures require even more short-term exposure. Impact with such parameters is implemented in the technology of thermage.

    Tissue heating above 60 ° C during RF-lifting is not used, as it leads to severe temperature damage.

    Thus, the effectiveness of the procedure depends on the qualifications of the doctor, who must, taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient, observe a fine line between efficiency and safety, and on the equipment used, which should allow him to accurately dose the effect.

    Compatibility with other procedures

    On the one hand, RF lifting is an absolutely self-sufficient procedure, on the other, it perfectly complements other programs, such as photorejuvenation, chemical peels, and mesotherapy.

    The use of a radio wave lift allows you to maintain the effect of plastic surgery in the later stages, eliminating the need for repeated operations.


    Prices for RF Face Lifting

    RF – Lifting
    1 Procedure3 Procedures5 Procedures10 Procedures
    RF – Lifting face85 €230 €360 €680 €
    RF – Lifting face+neck110 €290 €460 €870 €
    RF – Lifting face+neck+neckline150 €410 €650 €1050 €
    RF – Lifting neck55 €145 €230 €420 €
    RF – Lifting neckline75 €205 €320 €610 €
    RF – Lifting eyes55 €145 €230 €420 €
    RF – Lifting belly110 €290 €460 €870 €
    RF – Lifting sides110 €290 €460 €870 €
    RF – Lifting knees110 €290 €460 €870 €
    RF – Lifting arms150 €410 €650 €1050 €
    RF – Lifting buttocks150 €410 €650 €1050 €
    RF – Lifting inner thigh area150 €410 €650 €1050 €

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