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It’s mechanical face cleaning with special brushes. Brushing is used in various procedures for the face and body.

High efficiency. The procedure solves a wide range of cosmetic problems.

Long lasting effect. The result lasts from six months to a year and a half.

What is brushing?

Facial brushing is a type of mechanical hardware peeling, that is, cleaning the skin with a special device. In the process of face brushing, the skin is affected by special brushes and sponges, which in turn move at different speeds.

Under the influence of face brushing, keratinized cells are removed from the skin, blood circulation improves, pores are cleansed and narrowed, and cell regeneration begins in the skin.

    Photos BEFORE and AFTER

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    • Rough, thick skin
    • The presence of comedones and black dots
    • Enlarged pores
    • Oily skin
    • Unhealthy complexion
    • Loss of skin firmness

    About the procedure

    Duration of the procedure:

    40 – 50 minutes


    2-3 weeks

    The effect:

    Seen after the first procedure


    Removing contaminants and upper skin
    Stimulate skin renewal
    Natural, healthy glow
    Pore cleansing and “uncorking”
    Improving blood circulation in the upper layers of the epidermis


    Various face brushing heads are designed for different effects on certain areas of the skin. The skin in different parts of the skin has a different structure, which is why for some areas you can apply face brushing with rougher brushes and sponges, and for others, softer nozzles are intended. Depending on the type of skin and its condition, a facial brushing procedure can last from 5 to 15 minutes.

    In addition to special nozzles and scrubs, the face brushing procedure requires the use of special skin-smoothing preparations. The combination of these three components of facial brushing allows you to make the skin smooth and elastic without subsequent special care.


    Brushing Prices

    Microdermabrasion face65 €
    Microdermabrasion face+neck75 €
    Microdermabrasion face+neck+neckline90 €
    Classical face treatment45 €
    Classical face treatment + Massage55 €
    Classical face treatment + Brush Peeling60 €
    Ultrasound face treatment55 €
    Classical face treatment55 €
    Vacuum face peel 55 €
    Combined face cleansing 65 €
    + Peeling (for cleaning) 20 €
    + Darsonval (for cleaning) 10 €
    Phonophoresis/iontophoresis + ampoule (Anti-Age/Moisturizing) 75 €
    Oily skin care 65 €
    ANTI-Age face treatment 75 €
    A.H.A. chemical cleansing/peeling 75 €
    TCA - cleaning / peeling 150 €
    Vitamin + treatment 65 €
    Acne face treatment 65 €
    Ultra Lifting treatment 65 €
    Face massage 35 €
    Face massage + mask 45 €
    Face massage + paraffin care 65 €
    Darsenval skin treatment 25 €

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