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Mechanical face cleaning

It’s facial treatment based on hand cleansing and using special tools.

The result lasts up to two months

The cost of the procedure is moderate
The effect is visible immediately after the procedure.

Your skin will look perfectly clean

Что такое механическая чистка?

Once a month, the skin requires cleansing at a deeper level, this is especially true for oily and problem
skin. Deep cleansing exfoliates dead particles, eliminates blackheads and blackheads, and also helps to
eliminate toxins and toxins, activate metabolism and blood circulation.

Mechanical cleaning of the face gives a visible result, which can be evaluated immediately after it. The
procedure is quite simple to carry out and affordable. In addition, it takes no more than an hour. In
addition, mechanical cleaning of the face is an obvious method, since during the cleaning process you
can see how much and what has been cleaned.

    Photos “before and after”

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    • Acne, rash
    • Contaminated, enlarged pores
    • White acne
    • Comedonal acne
    • Oily skin
    • Uneven face tone, dull skin color
    • Skin aging

    About the procedure

    Duration of the procedure:

    1-1,5 hours


    by appointment

    The effect:

    Seen right after the procedure


    Cleansed skin without acne and acne
    Reducing the number of white acne
    Narrowing, cleansing of pores
    Shine elimination
    Soft, velvety skin
    Healthy complexion

    How is the procedure done?

    After steaming the skin, opening the pores and softening the sebaceous plugs, the cosmetologist, having
    wiped the lotion treatment area, begins to clean the pores. Armed with a special strainer or spoon,
    within 5-7 minutes it removes fatty deposits, black spots and keratinized skin cells, excluding areas with
    inflamed acne. Special lighting allows the beautician to see even the smallest pollution. Special tools
    help the beautician to seize even deeply stuck in the pores of sebaceous plugs and push them out. If
    with the help of tools the cosmetologist cannot remove the secret from the pores, then this process is

    carried out by him manually, which is quite painful. To do this, the beautician wraps a clean napkin on
    her fingers and begins to push the contaminants out with light squeezing movements.
    It is very important to have time to finish cleaning before the pores are closed, about twenty minutes,
    otherwise the skin will cool, and accordingly, the pores will close. Then cleaning will become much more
    painful. Therefore, in the presence of multiple inflammations on the skin of the face, it is necessary to
    clean in several stages until all pores are completely cleansed.
    If the inflammatory lesions or acne on the skin is not a large number, then additional cleaning is not
    required. In more serious cases, in addition to mechanical cleaning of the face, vacuum cleaning is
    carried out using a vacuum, which is a small glass tube with a reduced pressure area created inside.
    Under vacuum, sebaceous plugs are sucked out of the pores even in hard to reach places. In general,
    vacuum cleaning almost always complements the mechanical, as well as darsonvalization (exposure to
    the skin with high-frequency alternating current pulses), which also stimulates the natural metabolism,
    restores the skin and improves blood circulation. After this procedure, all inflammations and small
    wounds on the skin immediately dry out.
    After cleaning, the skin needs calming, disinfecting and pore-tightening measures. To do this, wipe the
    skin with a lotion or tonic with a disinfecting effect. In addition, an infrared lamp, darsonvalization, as
    well as soothing and anti-inflammatory masks are used. For example, on the basis of medicinal clay,
    which has the ability to absorb excess sebum, narrow pores, and relieve inflammation. In addition, it is
    an excellent means of evening complexion. As an additional means of calming the skin and stimulating
    blood circulation, a massage is performed (for example, cryomassage). After the procedure, you should
    be in the salon for half an hour, so that the pores finally close.
    The result of mechanical cleansing of the face is good breathing skin with barely visible pores, a more
    even complexion, as well as an almost complete absence of comedones and pimples. The median
    peeling gives the same effect. In the first days after this procedure, your skin will experience some
    inconvenience in the form of increased sebum and itching. Immediately after the procedure, red spots
    will be visible on the skin, and after a few days the skin will begin to peel off. Therefore, you should not
    carry out this procedure on the eve of any important event or event.
    After mechanical cleaning, it is strictly forbidden to wash with water for at least 12 hours. Within a week
    after the procedure, it is advisable to use a lotion that does not contain alcohol. Since the skin needs
    rest and recovery, so you should not be in the sun or visit tanning salons, as well as swim. In addition, if
    crusts appeared on the skin at the site of injured pores, touching them is not recommended, since scars
    may form in their place.


    Mechanical Cleansing of Face, Prices

    Microdermabrasion face65 €
    Microdermabrasion face+neck75 €
    Microdermabrasion face+neck+neckline90 €
    Classical face treatment45 €
    Classical face treatment + Massage55 €
    Classical face treatment + Brush Peeling60 €
    Ultrasound face treatment55 €
    Classical face treatment55 €
    Vacuum face peel 55 €
    Combined face cleansing 65 €
    + Peeling (for cleaning) 20 €
    + Darsonval (for cleaning) 10 €
    Phonophoresis/iontophoresis + ampoule (Anti-Age/Moisturizing) 75 €
    Oily skin care 65 €
    ANTI-Age face treatment 75 €
    A.H.A. chemical cleansing/peeling 75 €
    TCA - cleaning / peeling 150 €
    Vitamin + treatment 65 €
    Acne face treatment 65 €
    Ultra Lifting treatment 65 €
    Face massage 35 €
    Face massage + mask 45 €
    Face massage + paraffin care 65 €
    Darsenval skin treatment 25 €

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