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Bio reinforcement

The middle ground between anti-aging creams and surgery

The procedure has no seasonal restrictions

Suitable for both men and women

What is bio-reinforcement?

Bio-reinforcement of the face is a procedure that has a slightly different principle of action, but pursues a similar goal, which is to create a kind of framework for improving the oval of the face and skin condition.

The most important difference between bio-reinforcing a face, reviews of which are already quite often appearing on the Internet, from reinforcing with gold threads, is that not gold is introduced into the skin, but biological material related to the skin. In addition, bio-reinforcement of the face does not imply surgical intervention, which cannot be said about reinforcing with gold threads.

The procedure “bio-reinforcement of the face” is carried out by introducing by injection of biological material based on hyaluronic acid. Injections are carried out on those areas of the skin that require rejuvenation. Biogel will not always be subcutaneous, like golden threads. Introduced by injection, it performs its function (causes the active production of collagen and elastin), and then resolves.

    Photos BEFORE and AFTER

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    • Age-related skin changes (dryness, sagging, deterioration of turgor, deterioration of color, etc.)
    • Facial wrinkles
    • Change in skin texture (atrophic scars, post-acne, etc.)
    • Gravitational Ptosis
    • Changing the contours of the lower jaw
    • Double chin
    • Deep nasolabial folds
    • The lowered corners of the eyes, mouth
    • Bruises and bags under the eyes

    About the procedure

    Duration of the procedure:

    1 hour on average

    Recommended Course:

    3-4 procedures


    Once 7-10 days

    The effect:

    The maximum effect after 3-6 months. Remains up to 2-3 years


    Contour and facial features are restored: the line of cheekbones, cheeks, eyes, mouth and eyebrow line
    The structure and appearance of the skin are restored. its tone, turgor and hydration improved.
    A healthy complexion is restored
    Small facial wrinkles are smoothed out. Deep wrinkles are reduced
    The double chin is eliminated
    The skin texture improves. The effects of post-acne and atrophic scars disappear
    Bruises and bags under the manholes disappear
    Deep nasolabial folds lose their expression

    Bio reinforcement

    Bio reinforcement

    Unlike reinforcing with gold threads, bio-reinforcement of the face is a procedure that requires several sessions. To achieve the optimal effect, cosmetologists recommend doing this procedure three times.

    Bio reinforcement with threads

    The basis of this technique is the ability of the human body to isolate everything foreign that falls into the subcutaneous region, a barrier of connective tissue. Already a couple of weeks after the installation of the threads, a “capsule” begins to form around them, the basis of which are collagen and elastin fibers. Thus, at first the threads hold the tissues in a taut state, and then the skin itself retains its former tone due to connective tissue cords formed around the filament mesh.

    According to the opinions of experts practicing thread bio-reinforcement, and their patients, it allows you to get a more pronounced effect for a rather long period compared to using fillers. Thus, this version of the procedure is optimal for those who have significantly expressed age-related skin changes.

    The main advantages of bio-reinforcing with threads include:

    • the visible result that appears immediately, without having to wait;
    • the degree of tissue tension can be changed during and even after their installation, so there is always the opportunity to adjust the resulting lifting effect so that the patient likes it;
    • the short duration of the procedure (about 45 minutes);
    • performed under local anesthesia or mild general anesthesia;
    • the effect is natural and lasting (from 1 to 5 years).

    The disadvantages of such a lift:

    • after the procedure, a tightened face is felt for a rather long time, discomfort from the presence of threads;
    • lack of effect in the presence of a significant excess of skin and soft tissues;
    • in the future, before performing any plastic surgery on the face, non-absorbable sutures will have to be removed;
    Skin bio-reinforcement with fillers

    Taking into account all the risks associated with the introduction of threads, an alternative method of the procedure was developed – using fillers based on hyaluronic acid. To obtain the desired effect, dense preparations with a high content of HA are used, most often the following:

    • Juvederm Ultra
    • Surgiderm

    Injections are carried out using a special flexible cannula, the length of which is significantly longer than the length of a standard needle – they can reduce the number of punctures, reduce pain, and the gel itself is more evenly distributed in the tissues. The injections are placed in such a way as to form a net of the active substance (HA) under the skin, the same as when installing the threads.

    Once inside the tissue, hyaluronic acid gradually dissolves. Its molecules attract and hold a large amount of water, activate fibroblasts, providing collagen and elastin production. Stimulation of their formation leads to a tightening of the skin and increase its elasticity.

    For sure, fillers cannot provide the same lifting effect that the threads immediately give. The elasticity of the skin will increase gradually: in some cases, to obtain a stable and pronounced result, you will have to perform several procedures at once with an interval of a month or two.

    The main advantages of using the gel:

    • less painful procedure (for anesthesia it is enough to use a cream with lidocaine of the Emla type);
    • lack of foreign bodies in tissues (threads);
    • quite a long-lasting effect – from 6 to 24 months.


    • the effect is not observed immediately, but increases gradually;
    • a course of procedures is often necessary (from 2 to 8);
    • the result can be much weaker than expected;

    Factors excluding bio-reinforcement:

    • a significant excess of facial tissues, ptosis is so pronounced that it is possible to make a lift only surgically;
    • violation of blood coagulation processes, including in patients taking antiplatelet agents (aspirin) and anticoagulants (heparin);
    • the tendency to form hypertrophic or keloid scars;
    • inflammatory or purulent-inflammatory diseases of the skin and subcutaneous tissue at the site of the proposed procedure;
    • autoimmune diseases;
    • pregnancy and the period of breastfeeding.

    The main complications and side effects are the same as in other procedures with violation of the integrity of the skin, especially injections: the appearance of bruises, swelling, pain at the site of puncture of the skin, the risk of infection of the wound at the site of puncture, the risk of keloid scars. Modern yarns and fillers are made from fully biocompatible materials and undergo multi-stage quality control, therefore allergic reactions to them are practically impossible – except for cases of use of products of dubious origin.


    Bio reinforcement prices

    Beauty Injections

    • Lip augmentation and correction
    • Correction of purse-string wrinkles (around the lips)
    • Lip contour modeling
    • Lip asymmetry correction
    • Lip tips
    • Correction of nasolabial folds (wrinkles)
    • Cheek volume and modeling
    • Correction of the nasolacrimal groove (bags and bruises under the eyes)
    • Chin line alignment and modeling
    • Rhinoplasty (nose correction)
    • Correction of eyebrow wrinkles
    • General volumization (face contour modeling)

    Juvederm 0,55ml188 €
    Juvederm 1,0ml280 €
    Juvederm Ultra 2 - 0,55 ml188 €
    Juvederm Ultra 3 - 1,0 ml Allergan280 €
    Juvederm Ultra 4 - 1,0 ml Allergan280 €
    Juvederm Voluma w/ Lidocaine - 1,0 ml Allergan330 €
    Juvedederm Hydrate - 1,0 ml Allergan175 €
    Juvederm Smile - 0,55 ml Allergan188 €
    Juverderm Volift w/ Lidocaine - 1,0ml Allergan330 €
    Juverderm Volift Retouch - 0,55ml Allergan200 €
    Juverderm Volbella w/ Lidocaine - 1,0 ml Allergan330 €
    Juverderm Volite w/ Lidocaine - 1,0 ml Allergan330 €
    Filler - 1,0 ml Croma180 €
    Princess Filler with Lidocaine - 1,0 ml Croma190 €
    Princess Volume - 1,0 ml Croma180 €
    Princess Volume with Lidocaine -1,0 ml Croma190 €
    Princess Rich -1,0 ml Croma155 €
    Restylane 0,5ml200 €
    Restylane 1,0ml280 €
    Restylane w/Lidocaine - 1,0 ml Galderma280 €
    Restylane Perlane w/Lidocaine - 1,0 ml Galderma280 €
    Restylane Lipp Volume w Lidocaine - 1,0 ml Galderma280 €
    Restylane Vital Injector w/ Lidocaine - 2,0 ml Galderma260 €
    Restylane Vital w/Lidocaine - 1,0 ml Galderma190 €
    Hyalax 1,0ml190 €
    Surgiderm 0,8ml220 €
    Stylage 1,0ml260 €
    Filorga 1,0ml260 €
    Teosyal 1,0ml280 €
    Revofil 1,0ml180 €

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