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GOLD, Thread Lifting

Reinforcing with gold threads is a proven and reliable technique with which you can achieve skin tightening.

Long-lasting rejuvenation effect for many years

Stimulating collagen production, creating a collagen frame

Restoring turgor and skin elasticity

Skin texture improvement

What is it?

One of the latest achievements in cosmetology and plastic surgery is the reinforcement of the skin with gold threads. Gold threads of a new generation – GOLD mesothreads have proven themselves perfectly. GOLD gold threads, unlike mesothreads, persist for many years, and do not resolve after six months or a year.

GOLD gold threads are a new generation implant made from Au 99.99 gold. Around the gold thread inserted into the skin tissue a thickness of less than 0.1 mm, a collagen frame is formed, which has a beneficial effect on the condition of the skin.

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    • The desire to improve your appearance and maintain a cosmetic effect for a long time
    • Presence of contraindications for deep plastic surgery
    • Unwillingness to go under deep surgery
    • Elimination of wrinkles and wrinkles of the face, neck and neckline

    About the procedure

    Duration of the procedure:

    15-30 minutes


    Basically it’s not required. It is used in limited cases.

    The effect:

    It’s gradual and intensifies over one year. Remains up to 10 years.


    The effect of rejuvenation from the procedure manifests itself gradually and intensifies within one year
    The skin is smoothed
    Sagging skin
    The effect of rejuvenation lasts up to 20 years
    Elimination of wrinkles and wrinkles of the face, neck and neckline

    How is gold thread implantation performed?

    Non-surgical 3D face and body lift with nano-mesothreads. The procedure at Lux-medicus Tallinn Clinic is carried out by the Estonian specialist in injection techniques and laser technologies, Mikhail Kordas. Work experience is more than 15 years. Has over 10,000 mesothreads installed in his record. A combination of the best technologies in the field of aesthetic medicine.

    Before the procedure, the skin is pre-treated with an antiseptic solution and the lines for introducing threads are outlined. Then local anesthesia is performed and the threads themselves are implanted into the skin to a depth of only 3 mm.

    Tightening with gold threads is not a painful and traumatic operation, on the contrary, this procedure refers to minimally invasive methods of lifting and rejuvenation. A session lasts an average of 40 minutes to 1 hour. Punctures are made using a trihedral needle, which does not injure the skin. The injection sites are protected by a band-aid, which is removed the next day.

    The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis, and patients can return to their usual work schedule in a few days.

    The effect after surgery is not immediately noticeable, since the process of forming new elastin and collagen fibers takes some time. On average, patients notice the result after several weeks and over time (up to 1.5 years), it gradually increases.

    The procedure has both pros and cons. A huge plus is that the operation is safe for health, and the effect of implanting gold threads lasts from 4-5 to 10-15 years. If the reinforcement is carried out along the line of wrinkles, then for a long period of time wrinkles do not appear, and the face remains youthful and toned. Moreover, the face remains mobile, “alive” and does not resemble a mask.

    The downside is that the gold threads remain in the skin for life, being an obstacle to some cosmetic procedures (using direct current). Another significant minus – gold is a fragile material that breaks. During the entire period of use of gold threads, they can break along the lines of natural wrinkles, but in general this does not affect the appearance of patients.

    After the procedure, there are small bruises that quickly pass. With increased sensitivity and good immunity, patients sometimes complain of a fever, but it does not last long, only 1-2 days.

    Within 4-5 days after implantation, patients are advised to sleep only on their backs, and for 3-4 weeks to refrain from sharp chewing and facial movements. Although reinforcing a face with gold threads is not a traumatic procedure, experts still advise to refrain from visiting a bath, a solarium or a sauna, and also not to use some cosmetic skincare products (liposome creams) for 1-2 months.


    GOLD Thread Prices

    Mesothread and APTOS threads
    Mesothread - Mono Lifting thread 35 €
    Mesothread - Mono Lifting thread Mesothread- Tornado Screw Lifting39 €
    Mesothread - Mono Lifting thread Mesothread - thread with notches Double Cog from 90 €
    Mesothread - Mono Lifting thread Mesothread - Gold threadfrom 120 €/ thread
    Mesothread - Mono Lifting thread APTOS threads from 90 €/ thread
    "Fox eyes" effect360 €

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