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It’s an injection method based on the introduction of polylactic acid based filaments into problem areas. Allows you to adjust the contours of the face and body.

Efficiency. Eliminates even the deepest wrinkles

No surgery required

Injection marks disappear in a few days.

The result lasts from one and a half to two years

What is it?

The mesothreading lifting procedure got its name due to the unique properties of the conductor needle, which the cosmetologist can conduct a full 3D-modeling of tissues at different depths of the skin layers, as well as in all initially specified directions, which significantly affects the final effect of the procedure.

On average, the procedure for reinforcing the face with threads takes about half an hour and is completely safe for patients of all ages. In the process of facelift with 3D mesothread, the doctor does not make any cuts, but inserts the thread using the thinnest needle. As a result, the punctures after bio-reinforcement are practically invisible and quickly heal.

The painlessness of tightening with mesothreads is achieved through the use of specially developed anesthesia techniques by our doctors, which accompanies this rejuvenation method. Thanks to this anesthesia technique, the doctor can almost completely abandon the use of infiltration anesthesia along the thread, which significantly avoids the introduction of an additional volume of the drug under the patient’s skin and minimizes the possibility of subsequent hematomas or allergic reactions.

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    • Nasolabial folds, wrinkles in the lips and on the chin
    • Vertical and horizontal forehead wrinkles
    • Goose Feet around the Eyes
    • Folds around the auricles
    • Sagging tissue in the cheek area
    • Lowering the corners of the eyebrows and lips
    • Face contouring
    • Sagging skin on the buttocks, legs and arms
    • Creases on the neck and chest
    • Uneven skin texture after surgical liposuction

    About the procedure

    Duration of the procedure:

    30-60 minutes

    Recommended Course:

    1 time in 2 years


    It’s basically not required. It is applied in limited cases.

    The effect:

    After 2 weeks, reveals itself within several months


    Small wrinkles are smoothed out, deep ones become less noticeable.
    Nasolabial and interbrow folds become less pronounced
    Complexion acquires freshness
    Folds on the neck, in the neckline in the area of the auricles lose their severity
    Increases the tone and elasticity of the skin
    “Crow’s feet” disappear in the eye area
    Face contour is restored
    The corners of the lips and eyebrows are tightened, sagging tissues in the cheeks are eliminated
    Camouflage dark circles under the eyes
    Smoothes skin texture

    What problems do 3D mesothreads solve?

    Using this technique in just 1 procedure you can:

    rejuvenate your face up to 4-5 years,
    eliminate wrinkles – both thin and deep,
    model the position of the eyebrows, corners of the lips, the middle third of the face, neck.

    3D mesothreads are very thin, but strong: they tighten the skin and fix it well in a new position. At the same time, age wrinkles (which have formed over time) and structural ones (which are a feature of the structure of the face) are equally effectively eliminated. Even the owners of very thin skin will not have any “transmission” of threads, as well as traces of any interference.

    In addition to the facelift, 3D mesothreads can be used in any area where a quick and safe lift is needed. This may be the skin of the abdomen, sagging after pregnancy or a strict diet, neck and décolleté, hips.

    How safe are 3D mesothreads for health? Contraindications, complications, side effects

    3D mesothreads are made of polylactic acid and are absolutely compatible with the human body – therefore, when using them, there are practically no allergic reactions, and even a minimal health risk is completely eliminated.

    The procedure itself is quite comfortable, fast, does not require powerful pain relief and a long rehabilitation period. After installing the threads, temporary painful sensations are possible, which disappear within 7-10 days.

    As for other possible complications and side effects, the main “horror story” – about the formation of capsular contracture around the threads (like the one that can occur in the chest, around the implant) – has no foundation. This is confirmed not only by theory, but also by practice: surgeons who performed facelift operations for patients who had previously installed mesothreads and who had a chance to see the situation from the inside, indicate the absence of any hint of capsules.

    There is another problem: in people with very thin skin, even correctly installed threads can slightly shine through, especially in cold weather – just like hyaluronic fillers. The surgeon must warn about this in advance and, unfortunately, such patients should preferably refuse the procedure.

    Scopes of threadlifting 3d mesothreads

    The procedure is successfully used to correct age-related changes in the face and body. The most common areas of impact of 3D mesothreads are:

    • the chin,
    • nasolabial folds
    • forehead area
    • corners of eyebrows;
    • neck and decollete area
    • buttocks,
    • inner thighs
    • the inner surface of the shoulders.

    Mesothreads allow you to conduct an effective complex lifting of the whole face.


    Mesothreads prices

    Mesothread and APTOS threads
    Mesothread - Mono Lifting thread 35 €
    Mesothread - Mono Lifting thread Mesothread- Tornado Screw Lifting39 €
    Mesothread - Mono Lifting thread Mesothread - thread with notches Double Cog from 90 €
    Mesothread - Mono Lifting thread Mesothread - Gold threadfrom 120 €/ thread
    Mesothread - Mono Lifting thread APTOS threads from 90 €/ thread
    "Fox eyes" effect360 €

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