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It’s the technique of intradermal injections of vitamins, minerals, medicines and homeopathic medicines, selected just for you.

High efficiency. The procedure solves a wide range of cosmetic problems.

Physiology. Along with the solution of local problems, there is a general improvement of the body
Long-lasting effect. The result is stored from six months to a year and a half.

No rehabilitation period. Skin lesions heal in a few hours.

What is mesotherapy?

Mesotherapy fights precisely the local manifestation of the problem. Minimum doses of drugs are injected directly into the zone in need of correction, without “spraying” throughout the body. Therefore, receiving the desired aesthetic effect, side effects are eliminated.
The composition of mesotherapeutic cocktails is always unique and is selected depending on the needs of the client. Monopreparations are rarely used. As a rule, cocktails prepared by the factory method or made by the doctor himself are used.
First of all, the main drugs are vitamins and essential oligoelements (Zn, Co, Mg, P, S, Se, K). They give skin energy and serve as integral components during the procedure.
Hyaluronic acid based cocktails stimulate metabolic processes in the skin, fight dehydration and provide a noticeable facial rejuvenation. Collagen and elastin make the skin supple and elastic, strengthening the oval of the face.

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    • Age-related skin changes
    • Facial wrinkles
    • Dry, dehydrated skin
    • Oily, porous skin
    • Stretch marks and atrophic, hypertrophic, keloid scars
    • Rosacea, rosacea, telangiectasia
    • Acne, Post Acne
    • Alopecia, seborrhea, dandruff
    • Preparation for rehabilitation after surgery, chemical, mechanical peeling, laser resurfacing of the skin


    Improved microcirculation of blood and lymph
    Small facial wrinkles are smoothed out. Deep wrinkles are reduced
    Pigment spots lose their saturation due to the discoloration of melanin
    Local fat deposits are destroyed, decay products and excess fluid are excreted
    The severity of striae and scars of various types is reduced
    The appearance and structure of the skin are restored. Its tone improves.
    The effects of acne and post-acne are eliminated. Inflammatory processes stop
    Venous networks and spider veins disappear. Vascular walls strengthen
    The “orange peel” effect caused by cellulite disappears. Skin texture is smoothed
    No more trichological problems – alopecia, seborrhea, dandruff, etc.


    Mesotherapy is remarkable for its complex effect: complementing each other, the components of the cocktail are synergistic, enhancing the effect of each other.

    Mesotherapy of the scalp is a relatively new, but already popular service. This is one of the most effective methods of treating hair loss, brittleness, dryness, split ends.

    The specialists of our clinic select special preparations that stimulate blood circulation in the skin and hair follicles, as well as vitamins, microelements, amino acids and other components. As a rule, we manage to choose a complex of enhanced nutrition for each type of hair.

    Mesotherapy of the scalp provides an individual approach to each patient and the selection of drugs depending on the problems being solved.

    As a result, hair growth is accelerated, their structure and appearance are improved, sebum secretion is normalized, dandruff disappears.

    Mesotherapy of the scalp has a long-term effect and often helps to cope with such complex problems as hair loss (alopecia, alopecia), and even stops the appearance of gray hair.

    How is mesotherapy performed?

    The procedure must be entrusted to a certified doctor or cosmetologist – after examining the problem areas, he will select the desired duration of the course and the optimal set of drugs.
    Mesotherapy is almost painless, however, if we are talking about thin, sensitive skin, an anesthetic cream is used.

    The depth of injection is not more than 0.6 mm. They are carried out either manually or using special automatic injectors (the so-called “hardware mesotherapy”). The redness of the treatment area, characteristic of all injections, passes after a few hours.

    After a mesotherapy session (as well as after any injection procedures), it is recommended to follow a number of simple recommendations for skincare. First of all, use cosmetics for sensitive skin. Anti-inflammatory drugs are also required. You can choose a special mask or buy Pantenol ointment or Bipanten ointment in a pharmacy, which removes irritation well and helps to quickly restore skin.

    The first positive changes will be noticeable after the second or third session, however, to achieve a lasting result, the procedure will need to be repeated at least 4-5 (and more often – 8-10) times with an interval of a week.

    The effect lasts for about 6 months, and it can be prolonged in one of two ways – either by taking a second course, or by conducting regular maintenance procedures (1-2 monthly).


    Mesotherapy itself is completely safe for the body (except in cases of improper selection of drugs that provoke an allergic reaction or are not individually tolerated by the patient).
    To abstain from the procedure should be in the presence of common contraindications for any injection techniques:

    • Pregnancy and lactation
    • The presence of acute diseases of the body, viral diseases, as well as inflammatory processes in the treated area
    • The presence of blood clotting disorders
    Magical transformation

    As a rule, immediately after the mesotherapy procedure, the skin is transformed – it becomes smooth and supple. After mesotherapy, there is also a clear improvement in the picture of cellulite on the back of the thighs: the skin becomes more even, with a less noticeable “orange peel”. However, all these changes that make such an impression on customers are simply due to swelling of the tissues that occurred after the injections. In many cases, however, after the initial edema has subsided, further changes occur in the skin and it really begins to look younger and firmer. But in this case, the changes are not necessarily caused by those ingredients that are contained in the preparations. As already noted above, at least in part, these effects are explained by the fact that the needles inserted into the skin cause a protective reaction, which leads to increased collagen synthesis, stimulates blood circulation and immunity, and accelerates cell renewal. Other results of the procedure will already be determined by which drugs have been introduced. For example, the successful introduction of an anti-inflammatory drug into the area of ​​inflamed eel will undoubtedly be more effective than applying the same product to the skin. Another example is the introduction of a bleaching agent precisely in the area of ​​the age spots. The results will also depend on how accurately the drug is administered – it should get into a strictly defined area of ​​the skin.


    Mesotherapy prices

    1 Procedure3 Procedures5 Procedures
    Mesotherapy face65 €175 €275 €
    Mesotherapy face + neck 75 €200 €310 €
    Mesotherapy face + neck + neckline95 €255 €415 €
    Mesotherapy body85 €243 €390 €
    Mesotherapy hair treatment75 €213 €335 €
    Mesotherapy double chin correction85 €243 €390 €
    Mesotherapy capillaries, pigments65 €175 €275 €

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