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Mesotherapy – Double Chin Correction

The technique of subcutaneous and intradermal microinjections of drugs that break down a fat cell (read the mesotherapy – lipolytic section) in combination with hyaluronic acid.

High efficiency. The procedure solves a wide range of cosmetic problems.

Physiology. Along with solving local problems, there is a general improvement of the body.

Long-lasting effect. The result is stored from six months to a year and a half.

No rehabilitation. Skin lesions heal in a few hours.

What it is?

Mesotherapy is a technique for subcutaneous and intradermal microinjection of drugs in combination with hyaluronic acid (the so-called “mesococktail”). Microinjections are carried out directly in the problem areas of the skin, due to this there is a local, almost point effect on the affected areas. This procedure is carried out in order to saturate with vitamins, moisturize the skin, increase the output of excess fluid from tissues.

The impact of mesotherapy on the double chin

The therapeutic effect with the double chin provides not only the use of a “cocktail” of drugs, but also the direct effect of ultra-thin needles on biologically active points of the skin. Given the microscopic dosage of drugs, the allergization of the body is negligible.

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    • Genetic predisposition
    • Age-related changes. The skin becomes less elastic and elastic, the neck muscles become weaker with age
    • Speed ​​gain or weight loss. As a result of a sharp weight gain, the accumulation of adipose tissue occurs, as a result of which the skin sags. With rapid weight loss, the skin does not have time to transform, and can also become flabby
    • During pregnancy, the woman’s body undergoes significant hormonal changes, which can cause a double chin
    • Violation of the thyroid gland. In this case, an examination by an endocrinologist will not be out of place

    About the procedure

    Duration of the procedure:

    15-45 minutes

    Recommended Course:

    5-10 treatments


    Once in 5-14 days

    The effect:

    After 2-3 procedures. Remains up to 1.5 years


    Skin tightening effect
    The appearance and structure of the skin are restored. Its tone improves.
    The severity of striae and scars of various types is reduced
    Improved microcirculation of blood and lymph
    Local fat deposits are destroyed, decay products and excess fluid are excreted

    Is double chin mesotherapy effective?

    According to customer reviews, the double chin mesotherapy procedure at the Lux-Medicus Beauty and Aesthetic Medicine Clinic in Tallinn is quite effective. First, the cosmetologist examines the patient, collects a detailed history and plans the course of the upcoming treatment, based on the pharmacological characteristics of the medications and the individual characteristics of the patient. The course usually includes ten procedures. Every 3-7 days, the cosmetologist introduces a special drug that will help burn excess fat.

    After the procedure, the effect of the drug will be felt for some time – the breakdown of fats will be accompanied by sensations similar to the bursting of small bubbles under the skin. After some time, the effect of tightening the skin will be noticeable, as well as after the mesotherapy procedure from cellulite. It must be borne in mind that at the end of the procedure, bruises from the action of the needle may appear on the skin.

    After the procedure, you can not take sunbathing for several days, visit the bathhouse, sauna or solarium.

    The procedure of Double chin correction/Double chin mesotherapy at the Lux-Medicus Beauty and Aesthetic Medicine Clinic in Tallinn received positive feedback from the clients of the clinic.

    How to consolidate and strengthen the result during rehabilitation?

    Restoration of the skin after injection takes place at home and takes from 3 to 7 days. To accelerate such a rehabilitation period, the following rules are required:

    • It is forbidden to visit steam rooms, saunas and baths.
    • It is not recommended to wash with hot water, take warm baths (the first day after the procedure).
    • Limit the physical effect on the treated area, do not massage, do not rub or crush the skin.

    Having decided on the procedure, it is necessary to take into account not only possible positive results, but also temporary health risks, which are usually classified as side effects. A similar phenomenon occurs in a significant number of patients and represents a response of the human body to a violation of the integrity of the skin and the introduction into the inner layers of the dermis of various cosmetic products. So, mesotherapy of the neck and chin area can lead to:

    • puffiness;
    • redness
    • bruising and bruising;
    • papules and small pimples at the injection site;
    • moderate soreness and itching;
    • the development of the inflammatory process;
    • slight sagging soft tissues (extremely rare).


    Mesotherapy Prices – Double Chin Correction

    1 Procedure3 Procedures5 Procedures
    Mesotherapy face65 €175 €275 €
    Mesotherapy face + neck 75 €200 €310 €
    Mesotherapy face + neck + neckline95 €255 €415 €
    Mesotherapy body65 €175 €275 €
    Mesotherapy hair treatment75 €213 €335 €
    Mesotherapy double chin correction65 €175 €275 €
    Mesotherapy capillaries, pigments65 €175 €275 €

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